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Sales Training Dublin

Our Sales Training in Dublin recognises and improves you or your team’s natural sales instincts. Our sales training in Dublin leads to the creation of new, highly practical ideas and knowledge that gives you considerable selling advantage. Our sales training techniques will make you money.

Sales Training Course

Our Sales Training Courses are for anyone who wants to find new customers and generate new business.

Sales Management Training

Our Sales Management Training Courses are for anyone who is in charge of a sales team.

Sales Training Dublin

Whether you are looking for sales training for one or two people or a fully fledged sales team Professional Development can help.

Our Sales Training Dublin is relevant to today’s market, and will develop YOU or YOUR team’s natural instincts to be clear, memorable and confident. For more than two decades Professional Development has studied the methods, techniques and mindsets of top sales people around the world. We talk to hundreds of salespeople each year to stay ahead of trends.

What is covered on the course?

Our Sales Courses are for anyone who wants to find new customers and generate new business. So whether you are new to sales or have some experience this course is ideal.

  • How to find new customers
  • Prospecting and business development
  • Sales presentation skills
  • Establishing customer needs
  • Presenting the sales case
  • Answering customer objections
  • Closing the sale
  • After the sale
  • The Selling Game

Sales Training Onsite / In-house

The benefits of onsite sales training are that you have greater control of the outcome of the training. The training material can be tailored to deal with real issues that are affecting your business. The Sales Training will help to ensure that your investment in training is paid back many times over in increased sales revenue.