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Our trainers are hands-on professionals with more than 10 years’ experience leading and managing in the work place. They hold formal qualifications in sales training and sales education. Delegates often refer to our trainers as practical and down-to-earth with fantastic training styles.

Jeanne Colvin - BA, Grad. Dip in Mgt & Training

Jeanne Colvin is a HR Development & Education Consultant with Professional Development Ltd and has over 17 years experience as a Group Training & Development Manager. She is also head of Management Development Centre Programmes for Dell Computers, AIB Capital Markets, Bristol Myers Squibb and many more.

Crona Ward - HR Dev & Edu Consultant

Crona is a seasoned training professional with the ability to empathise with groups who are engaged in sensitive and pressurised work and yet are often under-resourced. Crona has been described as a clever trainer who has the skills to identify with the work of course participants and encourage them to focus on the day-to-day aspects of their work.

Trish Harrison - Dip in Dev & Masters in Edu

Trish Harrison is particularly strong as a change catalyst and in getting people to embrace new ideas and new ways of doing things. She has a particular passion for tutoring and training participants who are responsible for developing others.